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Internationalization & Localization of Software & Hardware Localization of the Medical Field Localization of Mass Content Website Internalization

By offering software and hardware internationalization and localization services, Beyondsoft helps customers adapt their software and hardware products to the complex environment of international markets. Given customers’ actualities, Beyondsoft helps customers successfully release and maintain multilingual products by drawing upon more than two decades’ experience.
Smooth and accurate medical translation is a prerequisite to ensuring the safety of medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Our professional multilingual medical translation team is made up of handpicked professionals with medical backgrounds. This, coupled with advanced translation tools and quality control system, meets customers’ demand for accuracy and compliance for translation involving medical products.
Beyondsoft uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) technology to help content service providers and data platforms to translate mass content through a combination of machine and human translation at reasonable costs.
By leveraging its developmental and multilingual advantages, Beyondsoft meets SMBs’ demand as they go global. We can alter an enterprise’s monolingual website and provide multilingual support, perform creative translation and adaption of content in light of the target market.


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