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Beyondsoft Smart Operation Solution Beyondsoft Ether Bot Platform

Beyondsoft Smart Operation Solution is an AI application solution developed independently by Beyondsoft. It provides customers with an array of data science programs based on machine learning and artificial intelligence; such as, intelligent operation and maintenance, intelligent optimization and intelligent marketing. Integrating data, algorithm, model and application technologies, Beyondsoft helps enterprises tap into the potential value of data, improve efficiency, reduce cost and empower enterprise AI.
Beyondsoft Ether Bot Platform is an enterprise-class robot platform integrating advanced AI technologies including natural language, speech recognition, semantic comprehension, image identification, and in-depth learning. In addition to deeply learning enterprise knowledge base, it provides online FAQ, task management, and data monitoring service for all employees of the enterprise through the Web, enterprise app, WeChat, and email. The platform is aimed to effectively expedite service response and improve service experiences while saving large amounts of labor cost.


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