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Beyondsoft Smart Park Solution Beyondsoft Smart Building Beyondsoft Agricultural UAV SmartCloud

Based on IoT and big data technology, Beyondsoft Smart Park Solution allows for access of smart devices which are controlled by the IoT platform, and collects device data. To run smart devices through connecting the operation end and IoT platform, including user management, product management, property management and eco-management. Besides, Beyondsoft can develop the Smart Park App to improve the intelligent check-in experience and access data from different platform for independent analysis and scheduling.
Based on IoT, big data and smart cloud management platform, Beyondsoft Smart Building conducts accurate analysis of real-time data in the building, and automatically adjusts device equipment according to the outcome of analysis, to lower energy consumption, improve management efficiency and reduce overall operating cost.
Beyondsoft Agricultural UAV SmartCloud is an IoT solution developed by Beyondsoft in light of the trend of IoT to provide plant protection service. Through big data analysis and other applications, the platform can meet demands of drone pilot management, drone management, operations management and monitoring, and visual presentation of statistical information, providing a complete and self-optimizing work flow for plant protection in agriculture.


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