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At present, enterprises are facing the challenge of how to achieve greater value with limited resources. To keep improving product performance with limited R&D investment, enterprises have to seek effective strategies to optimize their test process and acquire efficient and effective test practices.

Through more than two decades’ efforts, Beyondsoft has set up a unique and innovative test center of excellence, to provide customers with all-around custom test consulting solutions, and effectively integrate excellent experience in test management, test process, and infrastructure, thereby providing all-in-one test service for customers.
Beyondsoft provides customers with efficient and quick all-in-one test development and engineering. We have more than ten years’ experiences in serving Fortune 500 companies; rich experience in software, hardware, and cloud testing; and unique test solutions to meet different test needs. We have industry-leading test ideas to help you maximize the value of your investments.
The deep integration of the Internet and information technology with economic and social fields has given a boost to technological progress, efficiency improvement, organizational changes, innovative capability, and productivity. Due to heavy reliance on information technology, the security of information systems takes on greater importance. It has gradually become a key cornerstone to a company’s sustained success.

When a system’s security vulnerabilities are used and attacked by malicious people, security issues like the leakage of personal privacy and business plans, intellectual property infringement, and system crash will directly affect daily business, economic losses and long-term damage to reputation and brands. As a result, customers get panicked and may leave. Obviously, security assurance has become the lifeline for many industries and organizations, including finance, securities, e-commerce, health, and government agencies. It is necessary to nip in the bud, incorporating security awareness and concept into all stages of system design, development, and maintenance. It is the best practice recommended by Beyondsoft to you in the field of security. It allows you to control system security with great ease, spot and solve problems in the shortest possible time, and reduce threats and losses to the minimum.
At present, as their products expand to more markets and regions, many software firms around the world urgently need to bring their products to the world. Therefore, this requires them to broadly support internationalization in product design and development, and meet the literal and cultural requirements of users in target areas worldwide. Since its founding, Beyondsoft now has 20 years of experience in global testing. It can provide corporate users with high-quality global testing capability, to ensure their products meet users’ requirements in target regions, thereby helping them quickly expand the business.
Beyondsoft Device Pulse is a piece of enterprise-class, test automation software platform based on cloud mobile device management. Artificial intelligence technology is used to simulate manual testing, to make automated testing more intelligent and accurate. It helps enterprises realize quick iteration of mobile applications, and release applications of better quality.
In the era of computers and the Internet, information intellectualization has become a global trend. Barrier-free solutions are an extremely important development direction of information intellectualization. Beyondsoft’s barrier-free information service allows disabled people and disadvantaged groups to conveniently access and use information, free from constraints and obstacles. Beyondsoft provides barrier-free solutions that meet different standards, such as Section 508, MSA, ETSI, CVAA and WCAG 2.0.


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