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Flower Arrangement Activity for young ladies on Women's Day

On every International Women's Day, Beyondsoft organizes a flower arrangement learning activity for female employees so that they can create a kind of the beauty of their own by DIY.
The young ladies coming from functional, business, R&D and other departments enjoyed themselves very much during the learning activity. They are proud of not only being able to write codes but also to conduct flower arrangement.
It is worth mentioning that more and more young ladies have joined our “team of female programmers” where they are cherished and favored in the big family of Beyondsoft.

“11.11” Intracompany Commodity Fair

On November 9, 2018 (Friday), a grand intercompany commodity fair named “Beyondsoft 11.11 Purchasing Day” was held at the Beijing-based headquarters of the company, where you can find various types of goods ranging from office snacks to toys and to daily necessities, all goods being guaranteed for quality, quantity and after-sale service for employees to buy. The event was well organized and people were enthusiastic in choosing their favorites.
This event was for the benefits of our employees. When we saw people happy with their purchase, we feel happy too as if they were carrying praise for our arrangement.

Visit to Project Hope primary school donated by Beyondsoft

The Party Committee of Beyondsoft organized representatives from various departments to visit Beyondsoft Hope Primary School on September 26, 2018, bringing warm greetings and best wishes from the leaders and people of the company.
At present, Beyondsoft Hope Project Primary School has 15 faculty members and more than 200 students. Students are mainly from four villages nearby. The school has six grades, each grade having one class of approximately 35 pupils. Each teacher usually teaches two courses. The school has better teaching facilities compared with other schools and features a clean and tidy playground and classrooms. The teaching in the classes is well-organized.

Happy Home Party in summer 2018

The hot weather of summer 2018 warmed up the passion of Beyondsoft employees for activities. In August, we were lucky to have obtained 60 free admissions to the Home Party Hall for team building during the ticket-grabbing arranged by the trade union of the Zhongguancun Haidian Science Park. In order to strengthen the corporate culture awareness and enhance unity and cooperation among employees, 60 employees of Beyondsoft gathered in the “WE-ME” Home Party Hall in Chaoyang District for a team building activity on August 5.

Celebrating the anniversary of the founding of the CPC

The Party Committee of Beyondsoft organized Party members and Party membership applicants of the company paid a visit with great reverence to Li Dazhao Memorial Hall in Laoting County, Hebei Province on July 15, 2018.
It is believed that all the people, particularly Party members, had a good patriotic class during the visit. They were encouraged to persistently carry forward patriotism, better play the pioneering and exemplary role of Party members, safeguard the political core role of the Party organization, follow the instructions of General Secretary Xi and become a qualified Party member. They were also required to remain true to the original aspiration of the Party, keep the mission firmly in mind, and always forge ahead for the realization of the final goal.

Happy Family Day

Beyondsoft hosted a “happy family day” in the B1 multi-purpose hall of the Beyondsoft HQ on the afternoon of June 8, 2018. At that time, employees from various departments and their children gathered together happily. Different from previous activities, the organizer invited children to be ceremony masters, making the event more interesting. The celebration was warm and fun with games such as making miniature gardens, through which the parents and their children became emotionally closer.

Fun Sports Day for the 23rd birthday of Beyondsoft

To celebrate the 23rd anniversary of the founding of Beyondsoft, the company organized a sports day of fun games on May 9, 2018. Thanks to the six-day participation and efforts, the intense and wonderful activities concluded successfully on May 16. There were six items in the fun games, including “tug-of-war”, “three-legged race”, and “smart shuttle run”. The venue was full of warmth and passion, and the event enriched employees’ spare-time life and enhanced team cohesion.