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In the spring of 1995, Beyondsoft was founded in a small office in Zhongguancun, Beijing by four young graduates full of passion and dreams. Beyondsoft (博彦), in Chinese, means a great number of talents gathering in the right place. The belief of "people-oriented" has been adopted as Beyondsoft's creed and motto. Every employee of Beyondsoft knows the specific meaning of “Happy Work, Happy Life”. The coffee machine, refrigerator, microwave oven, and various entertainment facilities in the leisure area and the friendly work environment make you feel heartwarming at Beyondsoft, a big loving home. In addition, birthday parties, sports days, parent-child activities and other activities are organized on a regular basis every year, enrich the experiences of all employees.

Cultural Atmosphere

  • Young

    Every year, Beyondsoft recruits not only large numbers of new graduates and postgraduates from domestic universities but also many industry experts, overseas returnees and experienced professionals. At present, the average age of the employees is only about 26 and more than 90% of them have a bachelor’s degree or above. It is the young people who are jointly creating the present and the future of Beyondsoft.

  • Equal

    Beyondsoft provides a working environment characterized by openness, equality and great potential for promotion. So long as you are sufficiently capable, you will have a wealth of opportunities to achieve personal growth and development. Most of Beyondsoft’s customers are well-known overseas companies, and our corporate culture is similar to that of many foreign companies and those on the “Fortune Global 500” list. Placing competent employees in appropriate positions is our long-standing principle.

  • Free

    Beyondsoft provides the personal space to encourage employees, help them think and act “outside the box”. So long as employees have positive ethical perspectives and appropriate work styles, Beyondsoft gives them the freedom and support them in achieving goals in their own ways. Moreover, at Beyondsoft, regular questionnaire surveys are conducted to listen to our employees. Through such questionnaires, they can offer comments or suggestions to Beyondsoft or any of its departments. We hope that all employees, as members of the big family, can jointly solve problems and promote the company's development and growth.

  • Health

    Beyondsoft hopes that every employee can be healthy and have an enjoyable life while working hard. There is a special leisure area in the office. In addition to which Beyondsoft organizes many sports and recreational activities every year, allowing employees to relax physically and mentally. At Beyondsoft, employees are never forced to work overtime and thus can allocate their time reasonably to achieve a balance between work and life. Because we know that no matter how great performance of an employee is, it cannot replace the health and healthy life of him or her. Our work philosophy is: Work Hard and Enjoy Life.