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As a professional and leading IT service company, Beyondsoft always regards innovation as the driving force, and personnel training and selection as the engine for the development of, this giant flagship company. Beyondsoft ensures every employee has a clear career development and personal growth plan so that everyone will, in turn, be able to make contributions to Beyondsoft and society. Beyondsoft has been investing resources to provide continuous training for employees from pre-job training and on-the-job training to management training, so as to help them achieve, grow, improve and become more competent in their work.

Training Principles

  • ● Learning with the attitude of a professional manager
  • ● Training in professional knowledge and training in management knowledge are of equal importance
  • ● Providing training according to business needs
  • ● Focusing on improvement in employees’ skills and their career development
  • ● Learning begins with practice and action
  • ● Paying attention to details
  • ● Focusing on the overall improvement of the team

Training Content

  • Basic Skills

    Pre-employment training for fresh graduates
    Induction training for new employees
    Training courses on core professional qualities;
  • Job Skills

    Business Process Training
    Technology Advancement Training
    Project Management Training
    Marketing Training
    Job Function Training
    Foreign Language Training
  • Management Skills

    Junior Managerial Training
    Intermediate and Senior Managerial Training
    Training Courses for decision-makers and leaders

Induction Training for New Employees

New employees are required to receive intensive training before being assigned to various departments. The pre-job training aims to inform the general knowledge of the company to the newcomers, including the background and strategic positioning of Beyondsoft, and to teach them some basic skills. These basic skills include how to prepare a keynote speech, how to arrange a multi-media lecture, how to conduct an interactive training class, how to learn online, and how to handle internal emails. Specifically, induction training includes:

● Introduction to corporate culture and development strategy
● Introduction to corporate rules, regulations and job duties 
● Improvement of employees in comprehensive abilities and knowledge
● Improvement of employees in professional skills and performance
● Improvement of employees’ passion for teamwork

On-the-Job Taining

  • Training on Team Building 
  • Training on Management Skills 
  • Training on Specialized Knowledge

Managerial Staff Training

Beyondsoft Business School serves as an incubator and a gas station for junior, intermediate and senior managers of the company. By adhering to the company-based, strategy-driven and trainee-oriented training service concept, Beyondsoft has tailored a series of internal training courses that can meet the needs of trainees for the development of the company to enable trainees to improve their abilities in various aspects such as decision and strategy making, selection and recruitment of employee, art and methods of leadership, thinking as a leader, innovation, efficiency and development of a leading group through diversified training courses with plentiful contents. As a result, the effect of such training is realized in practical work and a virtuous circle of “personal development achieved with the company’s help –the team built based on personal abilities– contributions made by teams to the company” is finally formed.

Foreign Language Training

As we may see, many students fail or feel awkward in communication with foreigner although they have learned English for over ten years in schooling. Because the business of Beyondsoft decides that we need frequent and broad exchanges and communication with our partners in Europe and the United States, we attach great importance to the continued improvement of English fluency of our employees. Therefore, English training accounts for a large proportion of our training programs. We have engaged quite a few foreigners as English teachers in Beyondsoft to help our employees to improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing in a comprehensive way.

The Mechanism of Talent Development Channel Combined with Learning and Development System

The six-in-one “ACCESS” learning and development system is in full consideration of the employee development channels in different lines and provides diverse and multi-dimensional learning opportunities for employees to meet their needs for career development and the requirements of business development for learning organization and interdisciplinary talents.

Learning& Development System

Beyondsoft's six-in-one “ACCESS” learning and development system combines talent echelon building, competency modeling, talent evaluation and successor project to provide excellent multidisciplinary professionals for Beyondsoft's global layout from the perspectives of corporate strategy, business development, and personal improvement.

Beyondsoft University

Beyondsoft University focuses on the company’s strategy and insights of the industry and aim to determine what training needs have to be met. Its responsibilities include corporate culture building, employee training, school-enterprise cooperation, and on-campus recruitment. By providing abundant training material, professional training assessment, scientific training management, different types of project implementation and clear career planning, the university has created a full industry training chain encompassing the whole process of career development: from new employee induction to high-end management training. The goal of the university is to gradually improve the core competitiveness of employees and the company and finally realize the "win-win" goal of joint development of Beyondsoft as well as its employees.

Beyondsoft University has been cooperating with dozens of universities and training institutions in China to develop general skill training in software development and testing, professional quality training and foreign language training in various forms, including: course replacement, joint laboratory construction, engineering practice, graduation internship, technical/vocational development lectures, and technical competitions. As of now, Beyondsoft has set up affiliated training centers in its branch offices all over China. All new employees will be trained in practical work in the company. Only after they are proved to be qualified for their jobs through examinations can they be assigned to a specific business department for a real job or internship. Meanwhile, employees formally hired by the company also need to take regular upgrading training on technology and business every year.